Weak areas

  • Getting hit off track easily
  • “Deer in the headlights” paralysis when chasing or being chased
  • Still not getting low enough

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Being a pushy jammer
  • Getting in the jammer’s way when blocking
  • A lil bit more pack awareness / bridging

Comments I received

  • Ness complimented my ability to make a strong initial impact on the wall. I think I must have broken that part of my brain which used to tell me not to hit the pack at speed.
  • Helli and T were commenting on the way I try and jackhammer through blockers when pushing the wall. I actually learnt that technique by watching Helli jam

Areas to work on

  • Avoiding hits when jamming

So I’m on a diet at the moment, and so after practice last night I lay awake thinking about food and scrimming. A few things keep cropping up. One is pizza. The other is that when I’m being chased out of the pack by a blocker, I just seem to freeze up – with the inevitable result that they successfully force me off track and I’ve wasted time and energy only to be recycled.

Even if I could jam perfectly, it would make no difference if I’m continuing to leave myself open to attack as I skate out of the pack.

I know there are solutions to this, such as ducking under the block (useful as I’m small), or breaking and darting around the blocker, or even transitioning out of the way. However in the heat of the moment, I’m not able to engage my brain quickly enough to work out what to do.