Weak areas

  • Getting shunted forwards easily
  • Scrim brain fuzz
  • Being too clingy

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Scrim fear – less daunting now
  • Communicating – is getting more automatic
  • Hockey stops & transitions

Advice I received

  • Helli – Focus on getting lower and being more steady for impact from jammer

Areas to work on

  • Get my ass to the grass
  • Take notice of the pack and when I need to bridge

So, time for me to step into the ring of shame and admit that I’ve been a total blogging flake for a long while. To be fair, I’ve also been flaking on derby, so… yeah. After the operation I had in August I didn’t really skate again until the Christmas break, when I could practice being a wobbly bambi on my own terms.

However, our active season started a few weeks ago at the start of February and so I’m back on full contact derby again. Since I only passed by skills a few days before going into hospital, I’ve never really had chance to properly scrimmage before.

Easing into scrim has been made a lot easier by the vet skaters taking solid care of me and being great at communicating what I need to be doing. I still get confused easily during the action, for which I decided the best course of action was to always stick with a team-mate ready to wall up. This has been successful in one sense, but also I feel I should be paying more attention to the pack and bridging when appropriate.

In terms of skills, I’ve been practicing hockey stops and one foot transitions over the off season break. I’m still not there with either of them, but they are getting more natural. Certainly with hockey stops it feels like I’m beginning to trust them more and the muscle memory is beginning to take shape.