Weak areas

  • Slipping backwards on my skates
  • Scrim-brain
  • Transitioning from a brace into a wall
  • Pushy jammer

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Hockey stops
  • Sprinting out of the pack
  • Derby stops
  • Bracing

Advice I received

  • Thistle – Turn around! (On my habit of defaulting to face the oncoming jammer front-on)
  • TK – Watch out for potential multiplayer blocks (when I’m bracing)

Areas to work on

  • Staying in-bounds
  • More awareness in scrims
  • Off-skates – more jumping
  • Get lower, be more aggressive
  • Pushy jammer

Hey but guess who went and passed their skills?! (That’s right, this shithead!)

Skating again now after a while of being avoidant and not going to practice. Break did me good – physically as well as psychologically. Also have managed to crawl back onto the “don’t be fat and unfit” wagon after dramatically crashing and burning in April when both my knees packed in. They still aren’t 100% – but I can at least walk and bend down sometimes.

Sadly I don’t know how much scrim time I’ll get now, even though I’m passed. Suspect the hospital are going to sign me off from any exertive activity for a few weeks now. Potentially much longer for contact but ‘ll know more on Friday.

Hockey stops

We’ve been working a bit on stops this week – which is great because it’s about time I worked on my hockey stops, and well past time for my left side plow.

On Wednesday I tried a few and sucked so badly that I regressed back into the ol’ reliable derby stop. Did work, but I felt very guilty. However, practicing on Saturday, my ratio of success at hockey stops had improved loads. Now just to make them feel natural rather than premeditated.


I feel I naturally gravitate towards being a brace. I have good upper body strength and my backwards skating is fine. However I really fall down at communicating  loudly and at timing when to let go and support another part of the wall.

I also need to realise when to stop bracing and turn around to block. I am way too comfortable facing non-derby direction. I forget to turn around when I need to!