Some really great training so far this month. I’m having good feels about derby, and I’ve finally managed to get one of my rules infographics off the ground, which is a weight off my mind. It was really soaking up my time, although part;y because I’ve never done anything of the kind before. So much time wasted figuring out what works and getting my workflow down. But I’m glad I did it. If I decide to do more, it’d be a signifantly faster and less frustrating experience.

Finally some basics testing sessions came around and I got tested on all the stuff that I’ve been able to pass for a while but haven’t got around to.

A few parts remain, including:

  • The deadly cone weave
  • Hitting (hip/body checks)
  • Positional blocking, leaning, and plowing to block
  • Whips
  • Double knee taps (wtf why do I always screw this up?)
  • Standing 30 seconds (on my good leg)
  • Stepping back and forward, quick steps

In other news, I feel like I’m beginning to stagnate during my non-derby skating practice. My transitions have got a lot better, but now I think I’ve picked off all the low-hanging fruit and I’m now left mostly with things I don’t like doing.

Ideas for stuff I can probably work on now:

  • Lateral movement (stepping / surfing sideways across the track)
  • Big jumps
  • Fast footwork/jukes
  • Duck runs
  • Hockey stops (without fucking up my knees again, ideally)
  • Snazzy toe-stop tricks
  • One footed transitions

As for derby practice, it’d actually be easier to list the things I’m NOT terrible with. I’m sure I’m getting actively worse. Whenever we do scrim drills, I’m painfully aware that I’m the weak link. Unfortunately this forces the rest of my team to have to compensate for my pathetic blocking (or come to rescue me when I’m stuck jamming!)

(Especially) Weak areas

  • Acceleration into going backwards from stationary
  • Leg cramping on 27/5
  • Jamming
  • Blocking

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Hitting (that I have improved says very little of my ability however)
  • Going backwards (new record: 33:54 for 3 laps)
  • Backwards plow – getting less shit

Advice I received

  • Nollie- transition around the wall over a blocker’s back(??!)
  • KP – get low, avoid hit (or, as evidenced, get shouldered in the head)

Things to work on more

  • Keep head out of the way
  • Get faster at nipping through gaps in wall
  • Transitioning around the wall
  • Stay within track boundaries
  • Learn the rules
  • Stronger hitting
  • Sticking to the inside line on apex