We’re studying backwards skating a lot this month, which is nice, as I think it’s a neglected skill.

Have been trying to tutor various people about backwards crossovers, but I think I’m pretty bad at explaining it, since every seems to get frustrated with me. Sorry guys!

We have done a lot more edgework, including backwards plow stops, which I don’t mind – apart from that it involves sending torque through my bent right knee. Which is still very sensitive unfortunately.

In my free time I’ve been working on evening up my transitions, practicing CCW since this is much weaker than my CW.

I’m learning to spin and do 360 transitions, even though its application to gameplay is pretty nil.

Gaz was trying to teach me a figure of 8 drill which I couldn’t quite get, but I was practicing Polerin’s infinity drill and I feel my footwork was getting better.

The next main thing I think I need to work on will be jumping. I’m still very nervous to make leaps which lift my feet high. But I’m equally nervous on or off skates, so I’d like to build in some hurdles or plyo into my off-skate training too.

Tried some new wheels borrowed from the league (heartless stalkers 92a), which I really liked. I enjoyed their narrow profile (35mm rather than 38mm I’m used to), however while nice for milling around the roller disco, I wonder if I’d enjoy them so much when doing actual blocking/laterals. However, my birthday is coming up and I do have my sights set on a set of “Rollerbones Day of the dead” 92a wheels…

My parents are visiting this weekend too, and I might be able to drag them along to see SRT play in Bridgend. Whether I ‘come out’ about derby remains to be seen, though.

I’ve been considering getting some disco jam plugs to use instead of toe-stops. I do rely on them too much, especially while jamming – but also for stopping.

Fenton has new skates now too! I’ve tinkered with the toe-stops, but remains to be seen how he gets on on Friday night. He’s been on crumby disco rentals for far too long!