Yesterday we worked a lot more on strategy and reacting to a power jam situation.

There were enough pre-mins that we got our own group, so I spent some time helping (as well as plenty of time not really helping at all!)

On Tuesday we were doing more skills-based training, including one drill called ‘the bus’ involving skating around in a convey picking up passengers and avoiding obstacles. Amazing…

Weak areas

  • Left footed plow is still weak, although actually it’s better than my right going back. Think it goes to show that it’s all about practice (which I don’t)
  • Pushing – we did a few shopping cart style drills and I’m never much good at successfully pushing (or pulling) others along with me. I just don’t get the power.
  • Track awareness – improved, and yet there was still a baby-scrim in which the opposite jammer snuck out of the penalty box and past us on track before we realised what had happened.

Areas which sucked less

  • Backwards skating – spent some time talking to the new skaters and troubleshooting with them. Some of them looked pretty cheesed off by not getting it – but we seriously never practice it, so it’s no surprise it’s foreign to them.
  • Shouting – feel like being bunched up with the other pre-mins forces me to take the reigns more and just chat shit all the time on the track.
  • Jumping – we did a drill of leap frogging one another- I was scared my knee would combust, but actually it was okay in the end.
  • Strategy – seem to be getting my head around it, eventually.

Advice I received

  • Helli – tuck up your knees as you jump to get clearance

Things to work on more

  • Transitions anti-clockwise
  • Duck runs/laterals