Missed two practices this week due to being away in London. Grumble.

Last Saturday, it was about half pre-mins, half team-skaters. That was pretty bad news for me, as it meant I couldn’t get skating with the charter lot.

It was the same again yesterday – but I found that I do enjoy getting to help teach the newer bunch. Maybe one day I’ll join the coaching committee. I feel like I spend enough time thinking about how to break down or explain moves.

Also they ran some last minute basics testing on last Sunday (when I was away). Oh man, I could have cried. I’m never, ever gonna pass my minimum skills at this rate.

Weak areas:

  • Hockey stops – mainly I’m scared to do them in case I fuck my knee. It’s still very tender and I don’t want to push my luck.
  • Laterals – I’m so terrible at these
  • Jumps – I must must must work on these outside of skating. Got to start working in plyometrics!
  • Speed skating – I’m consistently hitting the 5:05 mark with others on the track. It’s not atrocious, but I know I can push harder. I’m just lazy.

Areas which sucked less:

  • Transitions – CCW is getting better, though still feels so clumsy compared to CW
  • Backwards skating – new lap record of 13 seconds
  • Staxx and T taught me how to ‘shoot the duck’ 🙂
  • Less scrim-brain confusion


  • KP – Jump off the leg closest to the track boundary when apex jumping (so the leg closest to the blockers can be tucked right up)