The blog lived up to its name yesterday, because I learnt a couple of new tricks by watching other people and shamelessly copying.

On Tuesday, Nollie was showing us how to transition with one foot in front, but I really didn’t get it. In the warm-up practice time yesterday though, I figured out the problem. Basically I was being remarkably special and trying to jump the wrong way, which resulted in tying my legs in a knot. Once I’d worked out that you can only jump one way (clockwise if left foot is front, CCW if right foot is front), it came together nicely.

Secondly, I tried a jamming technique which I’ve picked up from watching Helli jam. It’s almost like she gallops at the blockers  while up on her toestops. It’s really effective! I couldn’t manage her standard, obviously, but I felt like I was making much more progress than when I randomly try and push against the back of the wall. Let’s face it, I really don’t have the strength or stamina for that.

Overall the session was really good fun, and I didn’t get roped up practicing with the new fresh meat like I thought. I was concerned that I’d be relegated off with the other premins once they started full practice. Obviously that wouldn’t have been a bad thing, but I feel like I’ve gotten used to training with the team skaters, and I really like that I can always throw myself into it and not worry about holding back. I appreciate that this is very selfish, but I’ve gained a hell of a lot by taking this attitude.

We also did an incredibly fun drill of transitioning around static blockers in a pack. I flippin love it, though it’s obvious that I’m asymmetrical in my confidence manoeuvering. On the outside track I can side-surf, but not transition; on the inside track, I can transition, but not side-surf.

Weak areas

  • Getting around an obstacle on the left and right – inconsistancy
  • Communicating – we did the “4 corners” drill and I totally forgot to communicate any information – such as what my plan was, where the jammer was…
  • Legs getting tangled with other blockers a few times (what do?)
  • Edgework – so much weaker on the left side 😦
  • Jamming – Creating gaps, but forgetting to use them

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Not head blocking! 😀
  • Keeping my arms out of the way (more, anyway)
  • Transitions (sometimes)
  • Jamming – getting more tricksy and better at fooling blockers, muahaha
  • Didn’t fall on bum

 Advice I received

  • Ram-it – Get your arms out of the way when you pull back after pushing on the wall (avoid forearm penalty)
  • Soon as you see the gap – jump! take it! run!

Things to work on more

  • Jumping through small gaps
  • Keep low = better edgework
  • Left foot plow =  better left foot plow
  • Communicate what I am doing/want to do
  • Transitioning/surfing on both sides