Our fresh meat graduated last night, which means there’s going to be a heck of a lot more of us at practice. On one hand, I’m excited for them and to be able to revise all the strategy and techniques. On the other hand, I’ve spent the last 4 months being in the deep end playing with the big kids and learning a ton because of it. I’m curious to see how the training dynamic changes.

They’re all fricken awesome guys and their enthusiasm is really touching. I know it’s kind of blind-leading-the-blind, but I’m looking forwards to helping out with getting them skills passed.

As far as my skills go, it doesn’t look like any dedicated testing will be on the cards for a little while now either. I’m devastated that it’s been almost 5 months since we had any testing, and that it’s going to be more like 6 by the time any more opportunities come along. I just wanna fricken scrim, man. Being sub-mins is getting really old.

There was a scrim on Saturday, and genius forgot her helmet, so I didn’t get to train – only do some OPRing, which I feel is improving. Although I’m still too timid to call anything subjective.

On Sunday Fenrir and I NSO’d at a rookie game hosted by Oxford Wheels of Gory. They’re a mad fun bunch and the game was a really good watch, even if it was a wee bit… frantic. I was a track monkey fixer-upper so I got to play with tape and rope and knives. And actually watch the game too. Will definitely keep an eye out for more OWG games in future, cause that was ace.

I tightened up my trucks a wee amount and it felt much better. If I can get to the sports hall early on Saturday, I’m going to time my 27/5 and hope that I can still do it.

Weak areas

  • In-line transitions – i.e. with one foot in front of the other. I couldn’t even comprehend, much less co-ordinate my feet for this. I felt like I was starting to get it just as the session ended.
  • Plowing with left foot – and practicing this. I need to make it good ASAP, but as soon as I try, I get frustrated that it doesn’t work and stop.
  • Paying attention to the skaters (as well as the entire pack) while reffing

Areas which sucked less

  • Normal transitions – CW is fine all the time, CCW is getting much better, though I still favour CW

Advice I received

  • Morris – Know when to drop back when on OPR
  • Helen – Speed the fck up when on front OPR
  • Helen – Drop the fck back when back OPR

Things to work on

  • HOCKEY STOPS – left and right
  • Plow stops – left!
  • In-line transitions
  • Transitions counter-clockwise]
  • Speed