Found this doodle in my note pad.

Had some good training this week – got to practice a lot of blocking and wall skills.

Also, I got fed up of walking for several hours a day with all my derby kit, so I’ve bought a scooter.

Weak areas

  • Being able to think and reform a wall quickly – it still takes me way too long to process instructions
  • Pushing through a wall – this isn’t really my strong suit. I can force the wall forwards, but I’m concious that it really wears me down, and that it’s really not very efficient or effective. Also I’m at a risk of getting myself a lovely penalty for head/forearm blocking
  • Still feel unsteady on my skates in high pressure situation (blocking, being chased, hitting)

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Blocking in a wall is improving – less falling forwards/backwards. Feel I can hold the jammer for more than a microsecond
  • Trying not to block with head
  • Clockwise transitions have really improved
  • Clockwise backwards crossovers improved a lot
  • Anticlockwise hockey stops better

Advice I received

  • Ram-it – For power slides, use your back leg in the transition as your pivot point. The opposite leg is performing the plow even as you turn. It should be one single movement, rather than a transition followed by a plow.
  • CCRG coach – Hitting lower. Lower hits are more likely to knock someone off balance. This is something we learnt ages ago, but it’s only just sunk in. I was hitting the spa bag in the gym and I realised that if I hit it further down, my hits are far more effective at shifting it.

Areas to work on more

  • Derby stance(s)
  • Work on wiggling through gaps rather than trying to force four people forwards as a unit
  • Anticlockwise transitions
  • Left foot balance going backwards (landing on left foot)
  • Less grabbing while blocking
  • Obeying orders quicker – think less, obey more.