The sleeves just fell off, honest…

After ordering a T-shirt with numbers on the sleeves, I remembered that I hate sleeves and had to chop them off ASAP. However with the help of some stick-on Velcro, did manage to repurpose them into prototype number sleeves. Not sure they’ll hold up, but at the least they should suffice for now.

At training yesterday we worked on hockey stops a lot, which is great because I struggle to make myself do them in free skate. My success to fail ratio is way in favour of my falling on face/bum/knee.

Jedi was teaching us three different techniques for hockey stops: the ‘hip swing’, the ‘slide out’, and the ‘transition’. I’ve always done the ‘slide out’ on my own, but the ‘transition’ version was helpful for remembering to weight the forward (outward) foot rather than the inside leg.

We also did a fun drill of reforming walls: from laying down on the track, having to jump up and get into formation in time for the jammer to come around.

Lastly, thanks to Shunt piping up for me 🙂  we got to tick off four of my basics – two weaving and two recovery.

I also rocked along to the roller disco on Sunday afternoon. It was super quiet, so got to do some really useful practice on my backwards slalom. Still not nailed my problem with clockwise crossovers, but doing some one footed weaving on my left leg, it felt like I was making progress.

Weak areas

  • Plowing in a wall – this is fairly bad. I either stop completely, roll uselessly, or get rotated to the side. I need to even out, because my right foot plow stop is so much stronger.
  • Blocking with head – I did this again. Stahp!
  • Left side hockey stops – it’s embarrassing how asymmetrical I’m becoming. My left foot balance is worse, so my plowing is weaker, so my hockey stops are a joke.

Areas which sucked slightly less

  • Weaving and recovery – passed some of my tests for weaving through pace lines, & through a pack. Then also bumping wheels, and unexpected obstacles. Those were all good fun.
  • My balance going backwards on my left leg is getting better. I was experiencing a lot of squirrelliness in my trucks when I picked up speed, but I’m 90% certain this is just because my balance sucks and I don’t ‘sit’ into my heel enough.

Advice I received

  • Jes – Point your toes in more [to get a stronger 2f plow]

Areas to work on more

  • 2 footed plow and left footed plow
  • Faster hockey stops
  • Hockey stops both ways