One week off and I was back to being a shaky bambi on my new skates. My knee has been gimping me, so I’m trying not to load my right leg too much in case it snaps.

Spent time at the roller disco on Friday just getting used to balancing on one foot again, especially going backwards. Getting less speed wobble, but still having trouble controlling direction. Also worked on my crossovers (forwards and back), which have been touch-and-go since switching to the Venus plate.

Weak areas:

  • Hockey stops – Realised at training on Saturday that I’ve forgotten how to hockey stop. I’ve never tried them in these new skates and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing. Must remember not to end up trying to power slide. On Sunday I was doing a lot of cone weaving, and I remembered again that hockey stops are basically super-tight turns.
  • Getting hit off track – If stay on my feet after a hit, and not recycling, I tend to end up keeping going rather than stopping. I need to make it automatic that once I’m off, to stop ASAP and get back on.


  • ‘Jumping’ into my crossovers more – Gaz recommended that I start adding in dynamicity into my crossovers and treat it more as a crossing lateral leap in order to gather initial momentum and accelerate quickly.
  • Duck runs – Gaz again, suggesting to practice duck walks and duck runs so as to generate speed as quickly as possible before breaking into stride. I definitely struggle with the ‘connect’ between running and rolling.

Areas which sucked slightly less:

  • Lateral stepping/galloping – this was surprisingly easy compared to how it used to be. Just need to keep at it.
  • Side-surfing – seem to have made a small amount of progress with steering. Getting really low into it and leaning onto my front leg more is helping a lot with controlling direction.
  • Reverse backwards crossovers – still not nailed these, but I’ve figured out that lurching back/sideways onto my inside (left) foot helps – otherwise I too easily end up coasting around the corner on my strong right leg.

Stuff to work on:

  • Duck run practice – comfort going quickly and breaking into stride
  • Taking off and landing on one foot