It’s been a skatey week for me getting used to the Crazy skates. The 20 degree angle of the Venus plate is taking a little getting used to. I’m getting some “speed wobble” going on my left foot but not my right, indicating that my balance is leaving something to be desired. However I’m thoroughly enjoying how sweepy and smooth my slalom has become. I’ve learnt a couple of new tricks including backwards weaving and forwards snake. My backwards right foot weaving is drastically better, but I’ve not really tried it out with my left.

On Friday a few of us popped out for a skate in the park. I’ve never tried this before on roller skates, but it was great fun. Learning to go downhill was… Interesting. Either burn your wheels and toestops braking, or feel the fear and accept the inevitable momentum.


In the evening hung out a while with Dodge at the roller disco, then practice this morning was a training scrim, so I did some more outside pack reffing. To be honest, I’m still #worstever referee. Even if I see offences, I’m too uncertain or timid to call them out.

Feel like I got chance to really nail one-foot transitions on my right leg, but now I’m not sure if it’s worth trying it the other way. Will I ever need it?