My Crazy skates have arrived and I am one happy skater! It took a while to adjust them right, and I think I’ll still need to keep playing with them to get the right action on the trucks. I was concerned at first that they felt a bit small, but having worn them around for a few hours, it was okay. Plus I think they’ll probably expand with time, since it’s leather.

Went to Bristol’s open derby session yesterday night. Lucky for me they were training on minimum skills, so I got to have a really good practice. I’m feeling more confident for when I get tested – the cone weave was a particular relief, as I’m concerned about that one.

Took a long while to get my trucks sorted out and they still feel too stiff at times and too loose at times. Hopefully it’s a matter of me adjusting to them.

Got some positive feedback about a few things I’ve been working on, such as my slalom and 180s. Also chatted at length about side-surfing. I think my technique is completely backwards.

When we played Queen of the Track at the end, I mostly managed to avoid being hit, or hit hard enough to get off. However, I also didn’t get a lot of power in the hits I tried on others. In the first round, I got hit so hard I flew into the wall… but so did the girl who hit me. In fact, I think we caused a little pile up! In the second round, I more or less won by default as the last person on the track fell over while trying to get me.

Areas to work on:

  • Balance on left leg (new trucks, grumble…)
  • Hitting
  • Crossovers (new trucks, grumble…)

Good things:

  • Nice weaving
  • Good backwards and forwards jumping
  • Transitions quicker