I’m borrowing back these babies

I’m back on my old (too big) skates for now til my new ones come. My trucks were screwed up yesterday, and I managed to sort them out for today’s training, but it feels so weird to skate in boots which are too big. On the plus side, it made my laterals easier.

I’ve been watching a lot of derby this week. It’s been making me very restless because I still aren’t allowed to scrim, and I feel like I’m being saturated with all these things I’m desperate to practice, yet I can’t.

Also, I’ve been reading a few blogs including one by a past SRT skater. It’s quite strange to read, because I’ve never really met this person. But have run into her on a few occasions – at the gym, at an SRT game, at a cafe). At the time never knowing who she was, but recognising her hair and sparkly unicorn gym leggings. Now I’m more involved with SRT, her legacy is everywhere -on the forum, on facebook, in our training… In her blog, she writes extensively about sports psychology and how to meet your potential as a player. It’s truly inspiring, even as a rookie with a long, long way to go before competitive play.

Also, Bones told me yesterday that she’d forgotten my muggle name while trying to find me on facebook. I’m taking that as a success that my nom de guerre has taken off! I have begun picking up on the word ‘red’ in conversation now. It makes me feel I should have selected a slightly less common word…

Training on Tuesday involved laterals on cones, hitting, and wall formation. Training today was about endurance, offence/defence balance, recycling, and reforming. It was awesome fun, and I was even allowed to scrim a teeny weeny bit (non-contact).

Weak areas:

  • Scrim brain – I get confused very easily and forget what colour I am, who I’m blocking, what’s going on… Especially when I fall behind in the pack and am rushing to catch up.
  • Stepping / laterals
  • Stopping on a dime – e.g. when knocked out of bounds
  • Hitting

Areas which sucked slightly less:

  • Strength in a wall – leaning back more and into team-mates at the side and front. Felt less useless when the jammer actually pushed.
  • Derby stance – Adopting a ‘meerkat’ pose rather than stooping over for the sake of low-ness.
  • Communication – In the FM session, I got quite good at barking away orders and information about what was happening. Didn’t manage it quite as much today (too dazed perhaps!)
  • Rules – I feel like my understanding of the rules is getting a lot better. I’m able to challenge things I don’t think are right, and follow the logic behind certain bits of strategy.
  • NOT clockwise blocking – I paid special attention to this today and I did much better than usual.
  • 180 jumps – 🙂

Things to work on more:

  • Hitting – I’m still sloppy with my timing, aim and power. It feels like learning to plow stop again, I can’t do one thing without forgetting to do another.
  • Toe-stop hops and derby stops – In theory, fine. In isolation, fine. After taking or executing a hit? Needs to get more automatic.
  • Derby stance – I still get knocked down sometimes because I’m leaning too far forwards.

Advice I received:

  • Voodoo – Hitting further forward, in the pocket.
  • Bea – Getting more of a hip swing in a hit, rather than just a shoulder barge (so guilty)