RIP, skates.

Yeah so this happened at practice yesterday. It’s safe to say there’ll be no more skating for me.

There I was, innocently trying to smash KP off the track, when my foot just went completely through the side of my boot. Guess I’m lucky it wasn’t more dramatic, but still. Pretty gutted, because I’d been hoping to skate some more today with OWG.


We did a 100 lap challenge for Sports relief, which was good fun too. I think countless hours of roller disco have prepared me very well for constant skating in circles!

On Friday morning I went for a short skate outside just to practice weaving, left foot balance, and check to see if my laterals are still as bad as I feared.

At the disco, session one was kiddie carnage! A few birthday parties and the Easter holidays just made it mental. Had a really good time chattering away though to some friends. My left skate continues to feel off, unsurprisingly given that it isn’t attached to the wheels any more, which is impeding practice a bit. But gladly as a result I’m getting so much better at slalom on my right foot – both forwards and backwards.

Weak areas:

  • Going backwards on my left foot is still swampy water. Leaning on the inside of my foot is fine, but there’s real resistance when leaning left onto the outside edge. It’s funny, because it’s not a problem when I’m going forwards crossing over. Either way, I know that this is what is hampering my clockwise backward crossovers.
  • Lateral skating – i.e. non-stepping laterals. This could be a lot better. I have the basic principle, but I’m slow. I also allow my hips to turn too much, rather than keeping them forwards. If a jammer was trying to get past, they’d just be able to skate straight through me. Or worse, I’d get a clockwise block.
  • Recycling – and being recycled. I must must must practice jumpy toe-stop turns. I’m so slow to change direction after a hit.

Areas which sucked slightly less:

  • Weaving cones – Suddenly feels much more natural, and I’m ever so slightly less concerned about passing that skill now. Slightly.
  • Laterals – After a few grapevines on Friday, I found it fairly easy to hop quickly side to side, which I couldn’t manage at all a few weeks ago. I’m not suggesting it doesn’t still need a lot of work, but I’m encouraged by this progression.
  • Transitions – and the speed at which I can transition has improved a long way. Anti-clockwise is a little less natural, but feels okay still – and back to forward is fine both ways now where it was previously an issue. I’ve also become more comfortable jumping 180 B-F. Though F-B is still scary.