Dragged Fenton along to roller disco last night. I don’t know if he enjoys it or if he’s just being polite, but he’s certainly improving a lot.

My skates felt pretty weird at first. To be fair, they’re being held together with Velcro, but it seems to be working. Feels like forever since I bought my new skates, but it was only a few days ago. Was talking to Dan Solo and realised he wears Crazys too, as does Sparrow. Feel better for spending too much money now.

Disco was pretty quiet, so I got to practice some of my ropier moves. At the moment, I’m still working up to 1-foot transitions, so I’m trying to get used to going forwards and backwards on one leg. Tried to practice backwards slalom on my right leg every few laps, the main issue being that I lose momentum and slow down too much.

An hour and a bit in, I was confident enough to weave backwards around the apex on my right leg, which earned me a compliment from Stef (who is, by the way one of the best skaters I’ve ever seen).

Also in the second session, some SRT buddies came so I ditched Fenton and had a good natter all night.

Things to work on:

  • Backwards reverse crossovers – better but am still hesitating to pick up my right leg
  • Gliding back on LEFT leg (may need to wait til new skates come)
  • Two foot backwards slalom
  • 180 jumps: 180 jumps onto one foot; 180 jumps onto toe-stops (what is this called?)
  • Left foot plowing
  • NOT using the V-stop (T-stop instead)