New-fangled ventilation system in my skates

No, I don’t know how I managed it. The boot had been looking a little precarious for a while, but I never dreamt it would suddenly ‘pop’ off.

It’s fortunate that my skate survived the main bulk of practice and only gave up at the end. In the last 45 minutes of practice tonight, the team girls did some scrimming and I did my usual reffing jobs (jam ref, front pack ref).

Here’s a little secret of mine: my favourite part of the whole practice is scrim-time, just after a jam is called off, when I can steal the track for 20 seconds to practice some tricks. A part of me will be so disappointed if I pass my basics – I’ll miss playing referee.

Anyway so I was just having fun messing about practicing some backwards slalom and one-footed glides, power slides and things. I picked up my foot… aaaand my wheels stayed on the floor. Oy!

Operation “FIND NEW SKATES” begins this week.

Otherwise, practice tonight was good – lots of packwork, which I feel like I’m getting the hang of.

Weak areas:

  • Balance – Still not able to keep myself upright all the time when in a pack
  • Multiplayer blocks – Need to work on letting go as a brace, but it’s scary
  • Reactivity – I panicked when a jammer came at me while I was backwards and had a habit of just plowing her front. I realise this is legal play, but it’s not very effective

Areas that sucked slightly less:

  • Pack recognition – I’m getting much better at this! Ram-it did a few demonstrations of pack set-ups and I felt okay at being able to say where the pack was, who was in play, and how the pack changed based on skaters moving/dropping out of play
  • Steering – we did a drill in pairs where we had to steer around cones. It was really fun. I feel like my incessant practice at weaving backwards has come in very handy for being able to cut quickly around cones and switch direction
  • Power slides – Still weak, but they’ve come a long way. It’s still only manageable at slow speed.

Things to work on:

  • Fixing my skates!
  • Jam reffing – keeping track of who has been passed and how many points the jammer has gained