Left: Celebration for Pain’s first full training session, and War’s final training with SRT; Right: Massaging my poor quads after my 27 laps


Pain took an awesome session with a lot of hitting and pushing, which is grand because I am #1 worst ever at those things and desperately need to practice them more.

We also worked more on the jammer assistance and the different tactics you might use depending on whether your own jammer has a large/small lead or in a power jam.

Also totes casually got my 27/5 done at the end of practice – new record is 4:47. Pretty glad that’s out of the way at least. Hopefully there’ll be a bit more testing soon, which will give me chance to fail a few things (cone weaving, I’m looking at you).

Weak areas:

  • Positional blocking – Still have trouble instigating an attack. My trouble is with pacing, as I seem to overshoot and end up just gliding miserably in front of the person I was supposed to be stopping
  • Backfrickenblocks – I accidentally elbowed Lethal in the back whilst we were trying some basic jammer/wall tactics, and also tripped her up accidentally at one point – so sorry, Lethal! Please forgive me!
  • Getting lost on the track – Had a habit of losing my teammates or getting captured by the opposing team
  • Track awareness – have to pay more attention to the boundaries and not get distracted and find myself straddling the line

Areas that sucked slightly less:

  • Crossovers are getting much better, or rather seem to have miraculously improved themselves. Still not sure if I’m getting all the power I need off my right leg though.
  • Backwardsness – I got to dick about a lot in between jams while the girls were scrimming and I was reffing. Worked on my backwards 1-leg stuff, including attempting to sort of weave about on one foot.
  • Being less scared of hitting with my front. Pain had us trying this awesome drill where the jammer uses a blocker as a battering ram – steering them into oncoming blockers to execute a hit. It was hilarious fun!
  • Getting better at taking hits and not just crumpling into a heap. Counter-blocking and digging into edges is improving

Advice I received:

  • Gran Derby: Aim to hit someone in the side with a view to ‘taking their space’ on the track. (Rather than aiming to get in front of them)

Things to work on:

  • Less elbowy jamming
  • Harder hitting and better timing of my hits
  • Pack awareness and getting back to teammates after an assist


I’m starting to worry that someone at work is going to phone social services.