Weaving cones n’ shit

I have the week off, so today I skated around this morning in the park.

I mainly practiced my stepping and grapevines. I’m total cack – I feel constantly like I’m toppling over, or that my skates are trying to roll backwards or forwards all the time. Oddly, I’m more comfortable going from left-to-right than I am right-to-left. I was watching Jes practice some jumpy laterals at training the other day – I really wish I was as confident, but it seems forever away.

Also I picked up some football cones so did some cone weaving and a bit of backwards reverse crossovers, which are strangely difficult despite being reliant on my right (i.e. stronger) leg.

In the evening it was fresh meat again and a very fun session with the newbies who are much more confident and cheery now. In fact, several of them are really good already, and quite a few are already sniffing out skates and kit.

My new bionic bearings in my stingers are the absolute bomb, I love them. I hadn’t even dreamt that quality bearings would make a difference. It’s like skating on air. Though I suspect they felt extra smooth because I’ve been spent so much time skating on tarmac earlier on.

This practice, we did some one-footed glides, and some weaving and some pack drills. Some of the team skaters branched off to practice some other skills. I thought I’d be alright at one-foot weaving through cones, but apparently not. That’s yet another thing to work on…

Weak areas

  • Laterals and grapevines still suck. It feels like it’s coming on, but it hasn’t really clicked yet
  • Transitioning quickly is still scary and I sometimes nail myself trying to do it – especially when turning from backwards to forwards
  • One-foot weaving/carving. I wonder if I can loosen my trucks any further without them dropping off? Maybe softer cushions would help…

Areas that sucked slightly less

  • Had a  lightbulb moment with my clockwise backwards to forwards transition. I realised that I naturally stand with my left foot behind when I’m going backwards, which means I have to turn my right leg much further than I need to. If I keep my feet together, or I plant my right foot behind before I start to turn… presto! I’m glad I worked out the issue there!
  • One-footed forwards glides on my left leg have come a long way. If I have enough momentum, I can coast a full lap on my left leg, whereas before I always drew wide on the apex because I couldn’t lean into the corner enough
  • Two-footed cone weaving has improved vastly, which I attribute to that I let my trucks out another ¼ turn last Friday, so they feel super responsive

Things to improve

  • Transitions FASTER
  • Transitions STRAIGHTER – i.e. more at 180’
  • One-footed weaving
  • Grapevines/laterals (especially heading leftwards)