Practice last night was tough – partly because Jedi had us doing 10 minutes of constant sprints and squats and I thought my quads were going to combust. BUT, it was also tough because there was so much new stuff to learn. We talked through and practiced some slow and fast walls, as well as some jamming techniques suited to fast and slow packs.

Now I’m being exposed more to contact derby, I’m realising just how much it involves lots of very very strong girls hitting me very very hard and very very fast. Am currently counting any ‘hit’ which doesn’t immediately splat me into a heap as a victory.

I think the highlight of the night was when it was my turn to do some hitting and I skated into a two-person wall as hard as I could, bounced straight off and winded myself in the process.

WEAK areas:

  • Leg endurance. To be fair, this is more just plain old stupidity. I should know better than to squat 5×5 and run 4 miles on the same day as 2 hour derby training
  • Letting my skates escape from under me
  • Either not ‘digging in’ or not leaning enough while in a wall
  • Accidentally breaking the wall because I can’t keep up with team-mates
  • Not enough power to jam through a wall
  • Scared to attack wall at speed

Areas that sucked slightly less:

  • Didn’t back block anyone by elbowing them in the spine (hooray!)
  • Did some lovely hockey stops (and some not so lovely ones)

Advice I received:

  • Vera: “The drop” – i.e. jammer is approaching – lean the fuck into your friend. No, really lean
  • Vera: Get onto your edges. Not flat skate. Edges. EDGES
  • Jedi: HOLD YOUR LINE. Always. Do not attempt anything unless you are confident your line is safe

Things to work on:

  • Laterals and using inside edges
  • Stop being a pussy