Ooh, ahh…

It’s true, I can’t help it. My name is Red Menace and I’m a wheeloholic.

Butbutbut this time it was different cus’ they’re going to be the ones. I’m certain. They are 88a Atom Stingers (62 x 38mm). Grippier and narrower than my current lot, but I’m hoping this will make me a little more graceful and I don’t feel like I really need the added stability of 42mm any longer.

I kind of bludgeoned my crappy bearings into them, and then felt a bit guilty – maybe I ought to get some kind of a dedicated tool (bearing puller mushroom thingy).

My toe-stops are kind of also a joke at the minute. I seriously ground them up when skating outside so they’re a weird shape, and there’s little scraps of rubber dangling off. I’d be tempted to replace them, but after they got jammed last time, I’m really scared that they won’t come out. Or that if I force them out, I won’t be able to get them to go back in!

Also, we had another new skater intake today. I was so hyper and excited, yay freshies!