Today we practiced actual scrim skills as well as some endurance stuff, which was fine. I was so petrified of joining in with the drills, but everyone was fairly gentle with me, even when I spent most of ‘Four corners of the aBlockolypse’ scrambling about on the floor or scurrying over from the wrong side of the track.

My elbow pad is such a dick, it decided to slip down at a few times during contact drills and at one point I must have fallen on it because I have a big green bruise and a deep scrape under my arm.

Weak areas:

  • Still having trouble getting my ass down and shoulders up. Need to stop leaning forwards and falling on my face
  • Getting from A to B and not tripping/fucking up my own blockers
  • Hitting the jammer off the track. How the fuck?

Areas that sucked slightly less:

  • Bracing and blocking backwards feels natural to me. Though I wonder how well I’d be able to take a smack to the front. Might ask someone to give me a good whack sometime
  • Knowing and communicating where the jammer is. Avtually this sucks too, but I felt it was better than it has been
  • Jamming – okay this is bad as well. But it’s better than my shitty blocking
  • Ram-it, our ref taught me a lot about pack definition. I feel like it’s finally sinking in.
  • Using my fellow blockers to brace myself. Leaning into other people for support

Advice I received:

  • Ram-it: Keep an eye on the pack at all times. If your team needs you to bridge, get the fuck out and bridge.

Things to work on:

  • Pack awareness. Where is the pack? Where is the pack ref pointing? Is the pack about to break up?
  • Toe stop starts/accelerating quickly
  • Juking the fuck around
  • Hitting people
  • NOT falling on my fucking face
  • Getting elbow pads that aren’t like having scratchy fucking bin bags on my arms