It was our first training session today after the season break, which also meant it was my first ever session training with the team rather than as part of fresh meat. It was tough!

Weak areas:

  • Grapevines across the track: I really struggled with this. I’m unsteady when landing on wheels still, and it’s extremely clumsy
  • Hockey stops: This was done at the track edge while doing the grapevines, so was hard to get enough speed to go. However I need to work on really committing to the stop, because it can’t be done half-arsed.
  • Clockwise crossovers: So these are kind of okay…ish, but I panic when I set my foot down, because I don’t feel like I have any grip and my foot slides out. I may need to find some grippier wheels, because my outside 92s are a little bit slick
  • Blocking: Absolute disaster! I’m terrible at leaning forwards too much and landing on my face. All the jammer has to do is give me a tiny push and I’m on the floor.

Areas that sucked slightly less:

  • Overall endurance. I’m fit enough to handle doing a lot of laps, and doing laps quickly. I don’t wind easily, which is an advantage when doing pyramids (today was 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 lap circuit)
  • Jamming – so I didn’t exactly do well at this, as in actually make it through the wall, but I’m far more comfortable now jogging about on my toe-stops and ramming into people. That’s good fun actually.
  • Plow stops – one and two foot plow has improved… as in it’s actually helping me to stop rather than just glide to a stop while striking a pose.

Advice I received:

  • Gran Derby:  I need to ‘sit’ back more when blocking. My very natural response is to lean forwards as though I”m trying to crouch. I need to remain as upright as possible, but while getting my ass down and my feet pointing inwards.
  • Gran Derby: Keep my shoulders in contact with the jammer so I know where she is and my balance is weighted so that I can keep her behind me
  • Vera: Use my fellow blockers as stabilty if I feel unsteady. Get close to them and lean onto them.
  • KP: When jamming, push more effectively by spreading my legs and pushing at a wider angle. Push THROUGH and FORWARDS, not ‘up’
  • Nollie: When doing laterals, ‘hop’ from foot to foot. Take fewer, wider steps.
  • Lethal: When doing hockey stops, keep weight onto the one leg. All the weight on the pivoting foot. ALL OF IT.

Things to practice:

  • Hockey stops
  • Duck runs
  • Toe stop starts
  • Laterals/grapevines
  • “Sitting” back onto the jammer
  • LEFT foot plow stopping