We played basketball (yes, on skates) in open practice last Tuesday and even though I jammed my finger (every frakking time!), it was insane fun. Cause of the nature of the game, there’s a lot of fast footwork and darting in different directions, which is pretty pronounced when you’re on wheels.

I think a month or so ago I wouldn’t have stood a chance, so my balance and confidence must have really improved. It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming more automatic, and I don’t have to concentrate on my feet so much.

On Wednesday I was all bursting with skating love. I don’t even know why. I had a really good session that night. Fenton was dragged along to practice and sat in the bleachers, so I was all set to impress mode. I spent a solid 2 hours doing 180′ jumps, hitting/being hit by other skaters, and cone-weaving. ALL things which I fear and dread.

I had an epiphany while I was thinking about it later. It’s all about recognising what you’re afraid of or what you shy away from… and just making yourself do it. If you aren’t scared, it means you’re not challenging yourself, so you can’t expect to improve. I think it applies to much more than just skating – it’s the same with all my goals. I need to keep reminding myself to always push out of my comfort zone.

Fenton wanted to go see The Revenant last night, but this meant I couldn’t go skating. Rationally, I knew I would be skating 3 hours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday… but irrationally, inside I was just all “Wahhhh, it’s not fair, I wanna skate, I wanna skate!”

Passed a few more skills today at training. Nothing too major, but some whips and assists which I’ve never tried before, as well as some other miscellaneous tests such as focus, transitions, paceline.

I had another crack at 27/5 and was way too conservative – I came in at 5:05. I’m certain I could have gone faster, but having remembered the epic crash from last time, I was cautious not to crash again and lose time. Bah, at least my time isn’t getting worse though.

The team captain seemed happy with how I’m progressing overall , (or perhaps she was just humouring me). It’s encouraging to know that I’m not always a complete clusterfuck, even though it feels that way with most of the drills…