I’d been really looking forward to skating all day. Work is a bit of an upward struggle at the minute, so knowing I had skating in the evening has been keeping me ticking over.

Training hasn’t started back up yet, and won’t for another few weeks, however I think the some of the others have begun to get a bit bored of the lack of regime and want to get back to scrimming. Today they decided to use the session to run some more skills testing, since a few girls are very close to passing their minimums and being able to scrim / compete for a charter position.

Initially I was pretty narked because I’ve gotten used to having free reign over what I do at practice. I’m not being funny, but I’m pretty good at recognising what I need to work on, and then keeping at it until I’m confident with it.

Having coached/structured sessions doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but I don’t know. It feels like so much time is wasted between drills as opposed to being able to just rock up and skate solidly for three hours, and work on whatever I need to work on. Or perhaps I’m just bitter because I’m total crap at the games and drills we do.

However, things did turn out for the best, because I passed three of the skills which have been looming over me the most (fast plow-stopping, pack plow-stopping and jumps). I’m kind of still dazzled at having passed plow-stops, because I felt such certainty that I’d never be able to achieve them.

I did fail a few other tests, namely hitting (I’m such a pussy!), and taking hits. But even though I ate dirt several times, I also managed to absorb a few hits from the big girls without completely flying into the wall… So that’s progress?