The things I do for skating… honestly.

I went out the other day to this skating rink in the city nearby my parents’ house where I’m staying for Christmas. It’s a tiny rink really, but given that it was Christmas Eve, it wasn’t too busy at least. I did attract a great deal of attention due to being a) an adult, and b) fully kitted up, but I’ve really stopped caring about such things.


The floor was a little grippy – okay, very grippy – which put practicing my stops out of the window. On the plus side, I’ve gotten a lot better at derby stops and transitions because of it!

Going backwards has been my main point of practice though. It’s a little bit dark and hard to see, but just putting in the hours practicing backwards skating is helping me a lot.

Skated a little bit in my dad’s cellar earlier too. I’ve loosened up my trucks, so was getting used to this, and also doing some basic transitions just to get used to it. Going clockwise F-B feels so natural, but anti-clockwise is like a total mind-block.

Also, I showed my mother ‘Whip it’ – she was not impressed… I’ll be tactically with-holding information about Roller Derby for the foreseeable future!