Gaz at the roller disco was trying to teach me backwards crossovers (as ridiculous as it sounds) on Friday and my legs were just spaghetti. The roller disco is great, but it’s so hard to go out of your comfort zone when there are kids whizzing around and you need be vigilant all the time.

I think I understand the movement now. It’s just that I seem to lose momentum and can’t manage more than one or two crosses before I stop (or fall).

Went out for two short practices outside on Sunday – I thought I’d gotten better doing backwards crossovers in the morning, but when I tried it in the evening, I was back to square one. Then I realised that it’s not that I’ve improved, but rather that the surface where I’d practiced in the morning was at an incline, and I’d been using that to give me backwards momentum.

I was gonna take my skates with me when I head home for xmas, so I could maybe practice outside in the park if it was dry. BUT in fact I’ve found a number of indoor roller skating activities going on, so it looks like I’ll be able to get in some serious skating! This makes me so happy I actually feel physically sick. No idea how I’m gonna get my skates, pads, wheels and all sundry back home for Christmas though. Gonna need a bigger bag, that’s for sure.

Still waiting to hear from ‘Red Menace’ about whether she’ll name share with me. At this point I’m tempted to believe she’s AWOL, since her league aren’t in contact with her any more.