Skating was really good on Wednesday. I couldn’t run at lunchtime because of an inpromptu meeting at work, but I’m actually glad I didn’t, because skating might not have been as productive on tired legs.

I mainly worked on plow stops (which unfortunately continue to suck). Also, crossovers are a tricky one. While I can get the movement down, I really freak out once I start to go fast. Need to work on my jumps next – they scare the shit out of me. It’s as though my skates don’t want to leave the floor!

Skating at the roller disco tonight was great, but my knees are toast. Knees and ankles feel horribly creaky and sore – I thought if I ate enough I’d be somehow safeguarded against tiredness. Glad I didn’t run this afternoon, although the gym this morning won’t have helped. Slightly concerned about my CV fitness, so maybe run on Sunday.

Excited to go watch/help at the Xmas scrim tomorrow and actually meet all the team. Maybe I’ll get to speak to my derby mum, Staxx and get some advice about my name.

After debating it forever, I’ve decided to go with Red Menace as my derby pseudonym, although since it’s registered already on TwoEvils, I’m still waiting for the original RM to get back to me about whether she minds sharing a name. She’s registered in Australia, so I’m hoping it won’t be a problem, assuming she even still plays.

I’ve decided to take my skates home for Christmas to teach myself some new tricks. Would like to get side-surfing down.