I had a minor epiphany on Monday about skating. I’ve always been uncompetitive, but suddenly for the first time, I don’t wanna just “be good” at skating or running or lifting or whatever. I want to be really fucking good at something, and that something is playing roller derby. I wanna use the strength and speed I know I have and I want to prove myself!

There’s a set of minimum required skills that all skaters need to be able to show they can do before they’re permitted to play derby. Some skaters take a year to score them all. I’m not going to be that person, I’m going to find what I’m bad at and force myself to do it and do it and do it until I can’t get it wrong. In the new year, I’m aiming to get at least 80% of my skills done. Three months ago, I couldn’t even stand on skates. In another three months, who knows what I’ll be capable of.

Yesterday night I went to training, and I skated hard, but I just went for the low-hanging fruit and stayed within my comfort zone. But not tonight – I’m going to push myself and focus on the skills that make me nervous. Plow-stopping, side-stepping, speed skating and jumping for 2 hours. We’ll see how many bruises I can collect.