Today the Blitz Dames in Birmingham were putting on a home game and Fenton and I rocked up to watch like excited roadies.

Sadly, I started derby just as the season was ending, so until now I haven’t had chance to go along and watch any live games… Until now!

It was a bit of a trip, but we got to watch the Dames’ B team (the Bomb Squad) take on Team Dragon. Initially we were confused about who/what/where the Dragons were, but later learnt that they’re a London-based challenge team rather than a traditional league.

Despite initially being overwhelmed by how fast everything happened, we managed to get to grips with what was happening quite quickly. Fenton proudly regurgitated many of the some of the more obscure minutiae of the rules, and we both came away feeling like we were getting the hang of some of the more strategic elements of gameplay.

We also got quite excited about the (excellent) jammers on Team Dragon, and were a bit starstruck when we bumped into one after the game.