So I was going to go skating Wednesday but spent so long dicking about getting ready that I was 15 minutes late, and too socially embarrassed to join in – so I went home to my forever alone cave and played playstation. But after practice today and the roller disco last night, I’ve been on skates for 25% of the last 24 hours which feels like an achievement.

My new skates arrived and they fit my left foot so much better though they might be too cramped for my right foot.

Annoyingly the toe-stop slot on my old size 4 GT50s is messed up. The stop was jammed and I managed to get it out with some oil, but I can’t get the new one to screw in. It’s annoying, since I can’t exactly sell it without a toe stop.

Feel I’ve broken in my new boots now and they do fit a lot better than the last lot. I had trouble adjusting at first as my trucks were way too loose and my habit of leaning into my inside left foot meant that the skate kept turning of its own accord. I borrowed a tool to tighten them up. Perhaps a little overzealously, but I can loosen them again in time.

I made it to practice in excellent time, but the turnout was very thin because it’s the off-season. It was super good fun though, and not at all the terrifying torture I’d built it up to be.

Feel like I went from zero to ‘adequate’ at backwards skating, as I could at least make it all the way around the track by the end.

Plow stops are still awful, but my reverse crossovers are getting better. I’m also getting much better at balancing on my left leg (still nowhere near as good as my right), backwards skating, and braking

The more I skate, the more satisfying I find it. I love having tangible, physical skills to play around with, because I find the process of practicing and mastering complex motor coordination really fun. In the past I’ve taught myself to do quite a few cool tricks with cards and pens for this exact reason. Maybe I should learn to juggle?

The last few weeks, my Roller Derby interest has grown a lot, partly because I’m now inducted into the team, but also because skating is actually proving to be something I actively enjoy not just as a means to an end. Also I’ve been enlisted into the web and design committee with the league so be interesting to see where that goes.