Took Fenton to the roller disco yesterday for the first time. He was (as I had been) intimidated by all the crazy children there not wearing safety kit. After the initial shock of having kids fling themselves chaotically under his wheels, he was astonishingly good at skating – much to my pleasure (and chagrin).

He’s always been disparaging of any physical activity whatsoever, but I think he might be viewing roller sports in a more favourable light now he’s realised he’s good at it!

We saw another SRT skater who I started fresh meat with there,  Lauren, and her other half, Ben. It’s great to have her come along to chat with and drown out the screaming kids and preteen chart music…

In other news, I found a great deal on a new set of wheels, which I’m hoping will give me a bit more grip (and thus confidence), because at the moment I keep skidding around everywhere when I pick up speed. They’re 89a durometer, meaning they’re much softer and more grippy than my current lot (96a duro).

I, um… may have also bought a new set of skates… It was a bit of an impulse, but yet my current skates are much too big, so I’ve gone for a full size down. I hope they fit me, but if not I can just return them, no harm done, right?