It was fresh meat #8 last night, meaning we’re two-thirds of the way through the course.

It was tough, and I feel pretty discouraged. We were mainly doing some footwork and toe stop stuff, which I don’t really get.

Spoiler alert: It got worse…

In retrospect, I suppose it was fun, but I slammed down on my side on top of some existing bruises and now it really, really hurts. And I’m not being funny, but I think my pain threshold is pretty high.

I don’t know why I keep falling on the exact same spot. I’m really worried about landing on my tailbone (after I fractured it as a kid), so I instinctively throw myself off to the side when I start toppling backwards. I suppose it’s better than breaking my coccyx, but I haven’t been able to lay on my side for the last month!

Anyway, I’m sick of beating up my sides. I’ve bought some padded shorts.

I’m frustrated at the moment with skating. No matter how much I practice, it just feels like there is so much stuff which I can’t do. I’m so self-congratulatory when I manage even basic shit which the derby guys don’t even think twice about. Mastering those skills is pretty thankless. I hang onto any praise like a kicked puppy.

Had a total strop when I got home too, as I had to cook, eat, shower and make lunch, and I was hangry and wanted bed. Anyway, gotta stop being so whingy. Suck it up, alex.